NH Goel

Inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s insight, “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens,” GD Block is a forward-looking school linked with ISR. Since 2015, as part of N. H. Goel World School’s ISR (Institutional Social Responsibility) effort, GD Block stands for all-encompassing education. It supports underprivileged kids from Nardaha village with English-medium learning, excellent facilities, and a chance to follow their dreams.

GD Block goes beyond education, supplying necessities like food, uniforms, books, and bags. Following CBSE’s curriculum, it guarantees top-notch academics in a diverse setting. From Kindergarten to Grade IX, the school’s growth promotes inclusivity.

The school’s emphasis on well-rounded development is evident through scholastic and co-scholastic activities, sports, and National Cadet Corps involvement. Its nurturing environment and care for stakeholders promote a strong sense of belonging.

In essence, GD Block shines as a model of education and empowerment, embracing “charity begins at home” and holistic growth. Its impact on underprivileged children’s lives makes it a remarkable role model for positive change in education.