NH Goel

Ensuring smiles on every journey

Safety and convenience are at the forefront of our bus transportation services. We’ve invested in cutting-edge technology and rigorous driver training so that our students can travel with confidence. Our fleet of 50 buses is equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning, ensuring comfortable journeys even on scorching days.


Our buses are not merely an international standard mode of transportation. They offer exceptional safety, convenience, and peace of mind for parents, students, and our educators alike.

Efficient bus management

Our buses are equipped with RFID technology, allowing us to track and manage bus
movements efficiently.

We use GPRS technology for real-time communication and monitoring of our buses, ensuring safety and reliability.

We keep parents informed about bus routes and timings through messaging services, prioritizing the safety and convenience of our students.

Safety and training

Our drivers and conductors undergo rigorous training to handle students effectively, ensuring a safe and pleasant journey.

Lady helpers accompany students on every trip, providing an extra layer of security and assistance.

Maintenance and support

All buses in our fleet undergo routine checkups and safety inspections to ensure they are in optimal condition.

Our fleet is maintained by a team of seven dedicated mechanics who ensure that our buses are always in top-notch condition.