NH Goel

Fueling excellence through sports

Dedicated to students’ physical well-being, social interaction, and vital life skills, the N. H. Goel Sports Academy operates independently under the N. H. Goel Education Society.


Amenities comprise 3 Synthetic Hard Courts, 2 well-maintained Lawn Tennis Courts, 2 Synthetic Basketball and Volleyball courts, a Football Field, and a Swimming Pool. Notably, we boast an 8-lane, 400-meter IAAF Certified Synthetic Athletic Track in Chhattisgarh.

Snapshot of our Sports Spectrum

Professional training is imparted to all the students by specially trained coaches appointed for:

Championing diverse achievements

As part of our commitment to acknowledge excellence in sports and extracurricular activities, we honour students who exhibit exceptional performance in the sports. 

The individual and team category events are evaluated, and the students are rewarded as per the guidelines below -

Individual Event

1. Cluster21001100501
2. Zonal310021001100
3. National510031002100

Individual Event

LevelCategory Remarks
1. Cluster500400300Each Member
2. Zonal1100
750500Each Member
3. National21001100750Each Member

From trials to triumphs

We encourage students to compete in championships. Selecting school cluster-level teams involves thorough skill trials guided by educators. Here are the steps at a glance:


Department coordinators and cluster heads collaborate to train students to participate at various levels.


Qualified students’ names for each level are submitted by relevant departments. Every year, on January 31st, student lists, event specifics, and reports are shared with corroborating evidence.


The winners are rewarded with monetary awards during   special events in the school assembly at the end of the academic session.