NH Goel

The Day Boarding Programme encourages students to be part of a spectrum of clubs, sports, and co-curricular activities. This ensures that the various aspects of a student’s intelligence is stimulated and nourished, leading to improved focus and dedication towards the academic curriculum


Students are required to select one activity, one sport, and one club class, held from Monday to Friday, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging learning experience.

Programme at a glance

Folk Art

Nurtures creativity, fosters cultural appreciation, and develops fine motor skills.


Improves handwriting skills while fostering focus, attention to detail, creativity, and self-expression.

Clay Work

Enhances fine motor skills, fostering artistic expression and encouraging sensory exploration.

Drawing & Painting

Develops keen observation, patience, and visual awareness and fosters a deep appreciation for art.


Inspires creativity through digital art. It also improves visual communication skills, teaching the expression of ideas in various forms.


Promotes coordination, creativity, and understanding of music theory and a lifelong appreciation for music.

Kathak Dance

Cultivates grace, rhythm, and storytelling abilities, nurturing creativity and confidence.


Enhances finger dexterity, develops a sense of melody, and nurtures a passion for music.

Vocal Music (Western/Indian)

Boosts confidence, creativity, memory, and social skills while fostering emotional expression.


Develops coordination and boosts concentration.

Western Dance

Promotes fitness, rhythm, expression, confidence, discipline, social skills, and cultural appreciation.


Improves focus, coordination, confidence, discipline and goal-setting abilities.


Promotes fitness, motor skills, teamwork, discipline, confidence, and leadership skills.


 Enhances hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, decision-making, and spatial awareness, while sparking sportsmanship.


Boosts fitness, coordination, teamwork, confidence, discipline, endurance, social skills, and leadership skills.


Develops critical thinking, concentration, memory, patience, creativity, sportsmanship, and logical reasoning.


Cultivates physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, teamwork, strategic thinking, discipline, social skills, resilience, leadership, and confidence.


 Promotes physical fitness, motor skills, teamwork, social skills, discipline, leadership and problem-solving.


Teaches self-defence, focus, physical fitness, confidence, coordination, emotional regulation, goal-setting, respect, and resilience.


Fosters balance, coordination, spatial awareness, resilience, cardiovascular health and improves reflexes.

Lawn Tennis

Develops hand-eye coordination, agility, problem-solving, independence, goal-setting, and time management.


Promotes water safety, full-body workout, coordination, confidence, stress relief, flexibility, social skills and breath control.

Table Tennis

Improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes, agility, focus, social interaction and strategic thinking.


Boosts agility, teamwork, and confidence, while making them more inclusive of other players.

Book Club + Creative Writing

 Promotes healthy curiosity, imagination, and discipline. Also inculcates an appreciation for literature.


Helps understand food science, planning and prepping meals, creativity, and improves confidence.


Allows students to express themselves in creative ways, develop social skills, and communication skills.


Motivates to connect and express themselves through art, creativity and confidence.

Model United Nation (MUN)

Develops public speaking skills, negotiation skills, and acquaintance with global issues.


Exhibit their creativity, and expression of their ideas while learning about composition and lighting.


Encourages to think critically and creatively about real-world problems and their solutions.

Tedx Talk Club  

Develop and identify with ideas students are passionate about.