NH Goel

Student triumphs and testimonies

“N.H. Goel World School has been instrumental in honing my skills, nurturing my talents, and preparing me for the challenges that lie ahead. As I traverse through life, each milestone and accomplishment is adorned with the essence of my school’s teachings. The school will forever hold a special place in my heart, for it has not only equipped me with knowledge but has also nurtured a mindset that continues to drive my aspirations.”

Samuruddhi Patadiya

Haribhai Gems,
Raipur Batch of  2013-14

“This institution taught me to be a better human being, to be someone who inspires people and adds value to their lives. I genuinely now believe that it’s the environment that plays an important role in shaping the kind of person you wish to become hence, for me, I am proud of the woman I am turning out to be. Honoured to be a part of this wonderful community.”

Ginny Meghani Makhija

Founder - Insieve Overseas (Educational Consultant)
Batch of  2013-14

“I started my own clothing label as soon as I graduated from N.H Goel World School, Raipur. I launched it in an exhibition in my city, and we were all sold out! This school helped me gain confidence and increased my risk-taking abilities. The vision is, that it does not matter how well you write in the exam, but how well you perform in life. It is no hidden fact that this school helps students bloom in every aspect.”

Tanisha Vaidya

Founder Tanisha Vaidya Design Studio
Batch of 2015-2016

“The school’s striking infrastructure and exceptional sports facilities initially drew me in. The sports scholarship offered by the school management paved the way for a remarkable journey. The supportive staff, especially in nurturing my tennis career, played a pivotal role. Their encouragement propelled me to national and international competitions, eventually earning me a tennis scholarship to pursue higher studies in the United States.”

Aayushi Chouhan

Adult League Coordinator - USTA (United States Tennis Association) Mid-Atlantic Section
Batch of 2014-2015

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