NH Goel

At N. H. Goel World School, we encourage students to engage in a variety of cultural activities to explore their creativity, build confidence, and develop essential communication skills.


Our dance activities foster where students embrace their      individuality while building lasting friendships our dance activities celebrate differences and poster in students a sense of individuality.


From fun stage performances to immersive acting workshops, we encourage kids to delve into the world of theatrical expression.


The music activities cultivate a love for rhythm, melody, and harmony, unlocking the potential of every aspiring musician.

Fine Arts

For students to explore and enhance their artistic side, we encourage them to immerse themselves in art, pottery, and clay modelling.


We proudly introduce students to the art of cooking through interactive classes, flavorful workshops, and delightful culinary events.


Through hands-on projects and competitions, our robotics activities foster a passion for innovation and a future-ready mindset.

Creative writing & Debate

Ignites imaginations and sharpen communication skills, helping students articulate their thoughts confidently.

Leadership programmes

Fosters essential life skills and cultivates future-ready leaders, shaping a brighter tomorrow.