NH Goel

Facilities that embody the spirit of innovation

At N.H. Goel World School, our infrastructure is a testament to our commitment to provide students with an extraordinary environment for growth and learning. From advanced sports venues to modern performance areas, we aim to create an environment where collaboration, creativity, and instant connectivity enhance the educational experience. Nestled within a vast 60-acre expanse, our campus features state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facilities that meet international standards.

Academic facilities

  • Optimal ventilation

Our classrooms boast abundant natural light and ensure proper airflow in every nook and cranny.

  • Adaptable seating

We provide age-appropriate flexible seating options that facilitate effortless group discussions and various interactive activities.

  • Nature-inspired education

Huge windows invite natural light and offer glimpses of the green outdoors, where we also conduct various lessons time to time.

  • Engaging educational aids

We use modern tools like smart boards and computers to make learning more exciting and interactive.

  • Enhanced Learning

The AV room fitted with immersive educational modules provided by JIL Information Ltd, and the auditorium can seat up to 250 people

  • Interactive Education

Exploration of varied subjects through engaging audio-visual resources.

  • Cutting-Edge Labs

Science and mathematics labs facilitate experiential learning, while a well-equipped computer lab with individual systems enhances IT proficiency.

  • Language Lab Initiative

Upcoming language labs will foster language skills development in an engaging manner.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Lab Facilities

A wide range of specialized labs including chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, social science, fashion studies, language, robotics, ATL and two computer labs.

  • Vast Book Collection

A wide variety of over 27000+ books covering different genres, subjects, and reading levels.

  • Digital Resources

Access to e-books, online databases, and educational websites.

  • Comfortable Reading Areas

A cosy and well-lit environment with comfortable seating for focused reading and study.

  • Knowledgeable Librarians

Trained staff to assist students in locating resources and conducting research.

  • Study Rooms

Rooms equipped for group and individual study with multimedia capabilities.

  • Events and Workshops

Regularly hosts activities like book clubs and workshops to promote reading and critical thinking.

  • Digital Catalog System

A user-friendly system that simplifies resource search and borrowing processes.

  • Community Engagement

Engages students, teachers, and parents through book fairs, reading challenges, and literary events.

Campus facilities

Dining Excellence

Our kitchen and dining services, managed by SODEXO, provide high-quality vegetarian meals, including a Jain menu, ensuring students enjoy nutritious food.

Dedicated Team

Over 100 dedicated professionals handle cooking, catering, and housekeeping for both the hostel and school.

Varied Menu

Our menu caters to diverse tastes, offering breakfast and lunch to all students.

Internet Accessibility

Internet access and interconnected computer systems are provided to students and staff.

Empowering Learning

Through internet access, students are empowered to explore online educational resources, enriching their educational journey.

Comprehensive Health Care

Our school boasts a 10-bed hospital with two full-time nurses (one male, one female) and daily doctor visits.

Vigilant Health Monitoring

Our nurses conduct routine check-ups in compliance with school guidelines.

Advanced Security Infrastructure

The campus is fortified with CCTV surveillance systems. The main entrance features dual security barriers for enhanced safety. Additionally, every classroom is outfitted with a pair of surveillance cameras.