NH Goel

The edge of our framework

At N.H. Goel World School, we place the utmost importance on the unique needs and interests of each student. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to pique students’ interests and foster a genuine passion for learning.


We also value strong connections between the school, parents, the local community, and the wider world – keeping our students well-informed and attuned to the modern world at an early age.


The focus on holistic growth and learning is what sets us apart. Our primary goal is to help students become well-rounded individuals capable of navigating the complexities of the modern world. All the while never losing sight of their values and ideals.

How do we do this?

Understanding the strengths of each student

Our “student appreciation system” allows educators to discern and evaluate each child’s strengths. By utilising periodic observations and concept-specific rubrics, we move beyond traditional exams, fostering holistic growth in our cherished learners.

Enabling experiential learning

We adopt an innovative teaching design that encourages children to engage with the real world actively. Rather than relying on rote learning from textbooks, we promote learning through themes, projects, and apprenticeships, fostering experiential and self-directed learning.

Curating a curriculum for the mind, body, and soul

We have meticulously crafted a custom-designed curriculum that aligns with the ICSE/CBSE/IB/IGCSE boards. Along with traditional subjects, our curriculum also encompasses life skills, adventure, sports, and both fine arts and performing arts.

Offering a community leadership program

Our educational framework incorporates community leadership, involving everyone, including the environment. The system includes workshops, parent-teacher associations, student parliament, and environmental development projects.

Working with passionate faculty

We believe in developing the whole person mind, body, and spirit. We support dedicated teachers who love children and teaching and who provide inspirational leadership.