NH Goel

Celebrating Unity in Music

The Cultural department of N.H. Goel World School has started a research project on `Bilateral relations between India in reference to Chhattisgarh and Ghana, Africa’ by tying up with The Association International School, Accra, Ghana on the basis of the traditional folk music practice of Social life. In this project the teaching faculties of both the countries will work as the facilitating research sources for the two groups of selected students from both the schools through which the students will come to know about the folk music tradition and culture of Chhattisgarh (India) and Ghana (Africa). Hence they will do the research by exploring both the cultures of either countries. 

Through this project the Chhattisgarhi Folk Music Culture will spread its fragrance of richness and traditional legacy to the outer world and the bilateral relation will definitely be strengthened between India and Ghana. This will also be a new dimension of the Music teaching learning process at school level.