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Senior Programmes


Time of Excellence - Solve complex problems. Develop confidence to face life's challenges.

This is a phase where children begin to understand how things work. This is also an age where the children start to discover their talents. We ensure that at this age, the children are taught to apply the knowledge that has been imparted to them.

At N.H. Goel World School, we teach the children to observe and experience the world through exciting themes like family, festivals and nature; bringing together a number of subjects.

We offer three streams to our Grade XI & XII students


with a range of Elective subjects like

  • Fashion Studies,
  • Legal Studies,
  • Media Studies,
  • Financial Market Management
  • Physical Education,
  • Web Technology,
  • Psychology,
  • Sociology,
  • Entrepreneurship
Amongst a host of others, so that students make an informed decision and work towards a fixed career goal. All the batches of Grade X & XII have delivered 100% results thus far in the CBSE Board Examinations.

The school ensures that it teaches the children to understand higher-order concepts. It makes them aware that to find solutions, one must use proof, reasoning and research.

N.H. Goel understands that the children’s creativity must be nurtured and developed. Therefore, the school ensures that it empowers the children to master the arts that include music, imagery and writing. It also encourages the students to create work that is original.

Working with professionals to learn new concepts and finding the right career avenue.

Enhancing leadership skills, and learning the importance of following and leading by example.

Improving self-studying habits, test-taking skills and developing competitive abilities.