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Middle Programmes


Time of Excellence - Solve complex problems. Develop confidence to face life's challenges.

This is a phase where children begin to understand how things work. This is also an age where the children start to discover their talents. We ensure that at this age, the children are taught to apply the knowledge that has been imparted to them.

At N.H. Goel World School, we teach the children to observe and experience the world through exciting themes like family, festivals and nature; bringing together a number of subjects.

At N.H. Goel, we teach the children to understand deeply the ‘what, why & how’ of basic concepts in sciences, languages, mathematics and social studies.

The school teaches the children to create practical projects such as publishing magazines, building machines and tending gardens.

The school endeavors to deepen the children’s interests in one or more areas like sports, music, literature etc.

The children are taught to handle unknown situations, express feelings, work in teams and make decisions to equip them for the future.

The Middle School children go through an exciting path of discovery throughout the year. A Cutting edge learning technology is incorporated which validates the science of learning and involves critical thinking, relevance and creation of new knowledge. Stress is laid on Language and communication, Mathematical studies and application, Life skills education that enhances critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, communication skills, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, goal setting, self esteem, positive thinking, time and stress management, creative and aesthetic activities, Technology, its usage and application.

For this purpose appropriate resources are provided by the school that includes a Reading corner and Math corner in every class room, junior science lab, computer resource centre and a content and resource rich library. These inputs empower our students to realize their true potential, make them life long learners, realistic goal setters and achievers.

Besides this Yoga and Meditation are integrated into the daily school schedule of children so that their physical and spiritual need is satiated. Each child has to spend some time with oneself as soul time so that he/she makes an effort to know one self. This time spent with self will enhance their capability to focus, concentrate, introspect, reflect and also help develop good ethics.