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News Detail

News Detail


Sainik Welfare Fund


Every year, on the 7th of December, India observes Flag Day. It is a day dedicated to the honor and respect of the National Emblem, the Indian flag, and the armed forces who protect our nation. This day is celebrated by various organizations and institutions, including NCC cadets, school students, and staff who come together to raise funds for the welfare of our armed forces.


The funds collected on Flag Day are used for the welfare of the armed forces in various ways. They are used to provide financial assistance to ex-servicemen and their families, including widows and disabled soldiers. The funds are also used to provide education and vocational training to the children of ex-servicemen and to support the families of soldiers who have lost their lives while serving the nation.


In a heart-warming display of generosity, the students of NH Goel World School have exceeded their target set by the Sainik Welfare Fund by collecting a whopping sum of rupees 27,000. According to Mr. SK Tomar, Director Administration of the school, the students had been given a target of collecting 25,000 rupees by the Sainik welfare fund, but their efforts paid off as they managed to surpass their goal.


The cheque for the collected amount was presented to the District Collector of Raipur, Dr. Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure, I.A.S in his office. The students, staff, and administration of NH Goel World School expressed their gratitude to the Sainik Welfare Fund for giving them the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the armed forces.