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Events Detail

Events Detail


MATHMANIA 2022-2023

The significance of Mathematics in our life, be it money or numbers goes hand in hand. We cannot imagine the world without MATH.
To explain the importance of the subject, A Mathmania activity was arranged for PP Cluster. There were 2 rounds one at the class level and the second with the selected students. The finalist was chosen house-wise.
On the final day of the activity, there were four rounds. Students participated enthusiastically and put up a good show. There were also rounds for the audience and teachers.
"Winning and losing does not matter it is participation that holds importance".
However, the summation of every activity demands results. So, the winning team was Vishwas House. Our Chief Guest Vinod Sir guided the children about the importance of math and how we can incorporate it into our daily life. A tremendous effort by the whole of the Math Department of the PP Cluster.
#nhgws #maths #mathactivity