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News Detail


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31 students and 3 teachers from N H Goel World School, visited the United States of America (USA) from 2nd – 14th May 2016, on an educational trip. During the tour the students visited Orlando (Florida), Buffalo (to visit the Niagara Falls), Harrisburg (Hershey’s Chocolate Factory), Washington DC & New York City.
The main highlight of the visit was for the students to visit the Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando Florida and undergo the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX Programme). During the visit the students met with Astronaut Bob Springer (a veteran of 2 Shuttle Flights) and spent some quality time with him, during his interaction with the students Mr. Springer explained the effects of space on the human body, the training schedule of the astronauts and the minimum requirements one needs to become an astronaut at NASA. During the ATX programme Educators from NASA lead interactive presentations on space flight sciences that include the effects of space flight on the human body, thermal protection systems used on the Shuttle, foods and packaging for space flight and sciences behind the vacuum of space. Simulated Space Shuttle Mission and Training Educators lead participants through a thirty-minute training session, which prepares them to operate the controls of a full-scale space shuttle replica or a simulated mission control station. Participants perform a simulated space shuttle mission, using Space Shuttle simulation software and a mission script. The mission simulation provides participants the experience of successful space flight as they perform specified tasks.
Students are also exposed to Motion based Simulators which include but are not limited to the Multi-Axis Trainer (MAT) and the Trajectory Chair (T-Chair) and were used by NASA to reproduce the effects of space on the human body here on earth.
The visit to NASA concluded with a bus ride to the Kennedy Space Centre Launch Pads from which various shuttles and rockets are launched and the Saturn V Rocket Centre. The students also got the chance to see a real space shuttle, ATLANTIS which is on permanent display at the Kennedy Space Centre.
While in Orlando the students also visited the Universal Studios Theme Parks.
After enjoying the NASA experience the students went to Buffalo to visit the very impressive Niagara Falls and from there on to the Corning Museum of Glass and to Harrisburg where they visited the Hershey Chocolate Factory.
Continuing on to Washington DC the students were lucky to get a chance to visit the US Capitol and watch a live debate in the House of Representatives.
After Washington DC the trip concluded in New York City with a visit to the UN and the Statute of Liberty amongst other sights.
Overall the trip was an eye opener to the students and granted them immense exposure at an International Level and hopefully opened their minds and their imaginations so that one day one of them can dream to be an astronaut and pursue their dreams to space and beyond.