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Director Principal's Message

Mr. Shiladitya Ghosh

Director Principal, N.H. Goel World School
With the kindling of knowledge comes the onus of executing the right action and dispelling ignorance.

Without one, the other is in vain. For students in N.H Goel World School, this principle is even more relevant. We are privileged to be an institution where we can enthusiastically pursue knowledge and refine our expertise in countless diverse spheres of activities.

Having been an educator for many years, I earnestly understand the consequential and pivotal role a good institution has to play in a student’s life. I fervently believe that it is of paramount importance to impart the right values in students along with giving them top-notch education. The education system here, besides providing an all-round education intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically, offers guidance in critical thinking, social openness and purposeful research.

We aim to create true global citizens for a better world. And this progress would bring with it the amelioration of humankind. We should be aware that no significant change comes without struggle, and that, even with struggle, change is not immediately obtained. We must render our efforts anew and strengthen the ties that bind us together to serve a cause greater than ourselves.

Let us put our hands together to make learning a lifelong experience. May harmony prevail all around!

Shiladitya Ghosh, is working as Director-Principal at NH Goel World School, Raipur. In his previous assignments, he worked as head of curriculum and training at Shiv Nadar Foundation, and as Regional manager at XSEED.   

Shil is a passionate teacher of Social Science and enjoys conversations with students related to current social issues. He believes that a strong teacher-student relationship goes a long way to help students explore their inherent potential and helps identify a career path that one chooses to tread.

Having worked with multiple education boards in India, Shil realizes the importance of a new curriculum in the 21st Century, which equips the students to nurture ideas and pursue their dreams. 


Mr. Shiladitya Ghosh

Director Principal, N.H. Goel World School